About Us

This family owned business all started when the Lee Family had a personal transformation gaining the knowledge that our body is the temple of God. This led to a plant based nutrition lifestyle.

We believe that true beauty really starts from within (your spirit), and manifesting through the mind and body. Hence the need to apply the appropriate products on the skin, which is our largest organ. 

The challenge arose when we sought skin and haircare products that were free from toxins and harsh ingredients. After years of relentless pursuit and in-depth research, the Lee family gained the expertise to craft natural skincare products that meet their standards, free from exposure to toxins.

 At Temple Glow Cosmetics, our primary mission is to ensure that your body  reflects the internal well-being. We firmly believe that with knowledge, discipline, and a consistent skincare routine, this transformation is possible. Our dedicated family team is driven by zeal, passion, and care, all with the aim of providing you with quality products that nurture your temple, allowing it to radiate with confidence and health.

 Founded by the Lee family, Temple Glow Cosmetics emerged to provide better skincare products for the community.

Thank you for being a part of this family and joining us on this beautiful journey as we strengthen and empower our community. Together, we'll cherish this beautiful temple.

1 Corinthians 3:16

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